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Cuomo has stated that his three children from his previous marriage have accepted Lee and that they have formed a family together.

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For a complete list of services, visit our services page or call our San Francisco office at 415-564-1818. Sandra Lee & Associates, we are dedicated to providing high-quality optometry services in a comfortable environment. Sandra Lee & Associates | 415-564-1818 2007 Irving St.Sandra Lee understood "ain't nobody got time for that! After all, she built an empire schilling the semi-homemade lifestyle, encouraging people everywhere to cut themselves a break every now and then, using yellow cake mix, Bacardi and pudding for a shortcut rum cake, or doctoring a blackberry cobbler with frozen berries and Bisquick.That philosophy has made her a household name since she debuted on Food Network in 2003, but despite those years in the spotlight, people still have a lot of questions about the star.Using Google's autocomplete as our guide, we looked into some of the questions most people still wonder about the star—and uncovered a few other surprising facts you may not know (like her QVC roots or the surprising job she'd be doing if she weren't a famous cook).After getting married in 2001, Sandra Lee got divorced from Bruce Karatz, the CEO of KB Home, in 2005.

As of June 2015, she has been dating New York governor Andrew Cuomo since 2005, but they have never been married.

She pushed for something a little more HGTV; they countered by allowing her to create "tablescapes"— Lee's brand of thematic, ornately decorated table settings—as long as she cooked, too, Apparently, a lot of people have wondered about Lee's health: As soon as we typed "Does Sandra Lee," Google auto-completed with "..cancer." The cookbook author has been very open about her battle with breast cancer, which she revealed in May 2015, just a week before undergoing a double mastectomy.

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Our Approach to Optometry Our one-on-one approach to optometry makes Dr. Sandra Lee & Associates staff the eye and vision care providers of choice in the San Francisco area.

Our San Francisco optometrist offers the following services: complete eye exams, contact lenses, glasses, glaucoma testing, and pre- and post-operative care.

Lee certainly hasn't shied away from calling for pre-made foods in her recipes—including pound cake mix—but that doesn't mean she's promoting them because she gets a cut of every treat sold in stores. (The baked goods company is actually named after founder Charlie Lubin's daughter.)In fact, Lee was born Sandra Lee Waldroop, but she dropped her last name as she got older. Already thinking about being independent, and not really caring if my hair is messy or not; just happy to be in the sun!