Who is tommy mottola dating

In January 2016, the couple announced they were engaged; however, they called off the engagement in October.Take a look at this list and you'll find out all of Mariah Carey's exes, previous husbands, and hookups.

His eye for talent and lavish expenditures on his stars turned the label into a powerhouse. He later signed a deal to launch a new record label, Casablanca Records, with Universal Music Group Music executive Thomas Daniel Mottola, Jr. Mottola grew up in the Bronx in largely middle class Italian family.

As a child Mottola had a reputation for getting into a trouble and after running away from home, his parents sent him to military school for a time.

Tommy Mottola has earned his net worth through his career in music, where he is a powerful music executive.

As such, he is regarded as one of the greatest music executives in the industry.

Mottola, who converted to Judaism in order to marry into the Clark family, has two children with Lisa. Not quite ready to give up his career as a musician, Mottola released an album on CBS Records in the early 1970s.

But when the record failed to gain any commercial traction, Mottola, saw a brighter future for himself on the management side of the business.

Sometimes Mottola's soft-heartedness is taken advantage of.

He is a gentle, poetic soul and has a great love and affinity for music.

Over the years, Mariah Carey became almost as famous for her ex boyfriends as she was for her singing.

She has dated some of the biggest names in music, business and sports.

Mottola, who also plays guitar, was a member of an R&B cover band called The Exotics.