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Below is a chart, showing each ruler and their crown, as I get examples.* * * * * Here we see the ruler, Khusro II, bust facing, head right, wearing winged crown surmounted by star and crescent, inside double dotted-border, crescent with star at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock.Sasanian coinage can be somewhat intimidating, but it is often very beautiful.Once you learn the different attributes to observe, determining the ruler, mint, year, etc. I've been told, once a person gains an understanding of the crown each king or queen wears, it becomes easy to quickly attribute a coin to a ruler. conducted the phylogenetic analyses and constructed trees.

provided the historical, systematic, and palaeontological framework for this study.

Node labels show 95% highest probability densities for molecular dates (in millions of years).

Fossil constraints are provided in Supplementary Table 3.

Final editing and manuscript preparation was coordinated by M.

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