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It has been proven by means of color examinations that Kepez Fault, which starts in Mada Island and descends through Manavgat-Köprüçay basins, leaks water into these two basins.

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According to the ancient Greek geographer Strabo, the early inhabitants of Kibyra may have descended from the Lydians, an Anatolian people (Strabo, 13.4.17). The tetrapolis was dissolved in the first century B. Known for its ironworking industry, the city boasted a number of public structures, including a stadium, theater and odeon. Tagged with ancient board games, Ancient Israel, archaeologist, archaeologists, archaeology, archaeology odyssey, bas library, bib arch, bib arch org, bible, bible history, bible history daily, biblical, biblicalarchaeology, biblicalarchaeology.org, daily life and practice,

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Beyşehir is the 3rd largest lake of Turkey in respect of the area it covers.

It covers an area of 615 - 745 km2 according to water level (1121-1125 m).

Prior to the 13th edition of the Winter EYOF, the EOC provided reassurance that all competing athletes will be safe amid heightened terrorism concerns in Turkey.

The five-day event passed off without incident though and Kocijančič was full of praise for it.European Olympic Committees (EOC) acting President Janez Kocijančič has hailed the success of the 2017 Winter European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Erzurum, describing the organisation of the event as “outstanding”.Action in the Turkish city concluded on Friday (February 17), with Russia finishing top of the standings on 39 medals, 19 of which were gold.The name likely came from the three rows of 12 markings inscribed on most of the Roman game boards discovered.While not much is known about the rules, the game was played by two players with three dice and may have resembled the modern game backgammon. E., the city formed a tetrapolis with three neighboring cities. and Kibyra was subsequently incorporated into the Roman province of Asia.However, not everyone you chat to online will be who they say they are.