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That was a story that was out there and it wasn't true, but it's funny the things that people make up when you're not working.

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Amanda Bynes is NOT done taking the Twitter-verse by storm this afternoon! Well, who knows if the recently transformed Amanda personally responded, but directly after Nikki's shout out, Mz. Manda wrote: star Nikki Blonsky, she was working the register at a high-end shoe boutique in her hometown of Great Neck, NY…although she was of course totally denying it! ' It's a little uncomfortable for [Nikki] obviously, but the customer will ask her to sign her autograph on the receipt and she does.The troubled starlet has already launched an inexplicable, incredibly offensive attack on Rihanna, whom she claims was beaten by her then boyfriend Chris Brown for being too "ugly," and now, she has revealed that whatever fences she had managed to mend with her parents are pretty much out the window…because she's SUING them! Now, we're hearing that Nikki's gotten her cosmetology license and she's landed a job at Superstar Hairstylists (above, and below) in her hometown. She's really sweet to the little kids that come in the store.No casting has been announced for the current production.Blonsky explains that she did not work in the salon but rather was helping a friend, stating, "I actually never worked in a salon.Also set to return is choreographer Jerry Mitchell is all set to choreograph, and original Edna Harvey Fierstein will write the script.

Hairspray ran on Broadway from 2002 to 2009, and was re-made into a movie back in 2007 with Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, and more.

Nikki tweeted at the former comedian: Cute, right?!

costar Nikki Blonsky's attempt at Twitter communication!

Zac Efron didn’t join the Mile-High Club on a recent flight with girlfriend Sami Miró, but the pair wasn’t afraid of some public PDA at cruising altitude, spies said. holding hands and kissing while passengers boarded,” a spy told Page Six.

The “Neighbors” star and Miró were seen Saturday on a flight from JFK to LAX, and “they were sitting in first class . “There wasn’t any tongue action, but lots of kisses.

They looked very happy.” Efron’s reportedly been dating Miró for more than a year.